Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chapter 14

It was time to have my mind tested again so I made an appointment with a neurophysiologist in Miami. The test showed that I was, you guessed it, hard headed, and impatient. Everyone agreed that I needed to talk to a psychologist. I began seeing one for an hour each week and he told me that my cells were irritated which caused me to be short tempered and angry. That wasn't news to me but I continued talking to him. He noticed that I talked around him and not too him. I was not totally honest with my feelings even though I had come face to face with what happened to me, I still could not accept it. I wondered how long I would be in that dreaded denial stage.

The biofeedback doctor called me and said that Paul Brady, who he met at the hospital, was making a television special about drunk driving and would I like to be in it. How could he ask me such a ridiculous question? Of course I wanted to be on TV! I met Paul shortly after that and he said he had been in an accident after being up all night and he had about 4 or 5 drinks in his system. The accident left one man dead and put Paul in the hospital. Paul was the saddest man I have ever met. We spent over 6 hours together and he never smiled. I won’t even try to justify what he did. He killed a man who was on his way to his wife’s baby shower. His wife had a baby girl one month after the wreck. Look what drinking did for Paul Brady. As sorry as he is and as hard as he tries he can never give that little baby girl her father back.

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