Friday, June 26, 2009


The doctor, who delivered me, said I had the worst temper of any child he had ever brought into this world. All I can say is thank God for that. My name is Susan. I was born in Miami on June 6th, 1964.

I am the middle child of three sisters. I enjoy having a good time and have always had a good sense of humor. I am a supreme optimist.

I lived in Miami until I was nine years old. We then moved to Chicago where we remained until I was eighteen. There I made many dear life long friends. I got into the normal amount of trouble that every average American teenager gets into: staying out past curfew, grades not good enough for the parents, ditching classes, etc.. I was never a bad kid except when I got caught. Like the time I egged our pastor’s house.

When I was eighteen I graduated from high school. My parents moved back to Miami and I was more than ready to begin a new chapter of my life. I decided that I would accomplish this by attending a University. My aunt told me that I should come to Oklahoma and look at the college where she taught classes. I did and found the people to be very nice. Fortunately or unfortunately they accepted me at St. Valentine's Day University.

I became very involved in school and was in student government, Freshman Follies (a talent show) and a lip sync contest. I have always loved being around people and always will.

I asked my college roommate, Samantha, to describe me. She said, “Everyone knew Sue. She was a friend with everybody from bible beaters to rebellious troublemakers. She had no enemies. She was a dorm counselor for anyone and everyone who needed an ear but she never poured out her own problems. Most of the time she was in an up mood and usually cracked jokes and laughed. She loved music. The radio was almost always turned up. She didn’t really like to go to class and would rather be out having fun talking to friends. She was not serious very often.”

None of these things mattered on September 18, 1983. On this day, without my consent without my knowledge and with an impact so sudden that I had no time to make any preparation, Frank N. Stein drastically and forever changed my life.


  1. So, how's that Blogging coming along?...HA!

  2. am loving it!!! love ur blog 2!

  3. Sue I hope you don't mind me following after My TARHEEL buddy, Blasé. I was intrigued by your writing style. Keep it up!

  4. thank you so much!!
    who r the tarheels??? i'm a big football fan but i'm drawing a it n.c?

  5. I appreciate the nice comment on my Blog. I trust you will often find my Blog worth reading. I enjoy entertaining folks.

    Um...the Tar Heels are the NCAA Basketball Champs!!!