Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chapter 22

We then found out that Carrie and her childhood sweetheart were getting married and they were getting hitched in South Miami. His sister, Bay was throwing her a bridal shower. We flew to Boston where she lives. Bay and I immediately struck up a friendship.

The wedding day was quickly approaching and I was having so much fun. We went to many shops and she picked out the most beautiful dress. There was so much to do. Although I was busy which I enjoy because it keeps my mind off my own shit, I continually compared myself to other people and just saw the negative in my life.

I invited Shawn, a man I had met at the gym, to go with me. The day was perfect except the weather. The skies opened up and it poured for hours. They opened the bar and every one had a great time. It’s a good thing the bridal party wasn’t allowed to drink because there is no way I could have walked down that aisle drunk.

Every one was out dancing and having fun while I was left with a bunch of elderly women sitting by themselves and it made me feel old. I should have just gotten out on the dance floor. No one was stopping me. Again, I was only looking at the negative and focusing on my fear; the main one of becoming a grouchy old woman all alone.

Carrie had her new life and I went back to the same old dull routine.

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